About Us

Pharma2z was launched in 2019 to share pharmaceutical science knowledge with students and professionals of the pharmaceutical science.

Founders of Pharma2z

Md Lutfar Rahman and Zahirul Islam from Dhaka Bangladesh are the founders of the website.

Aim of Pharma2z

Pharma2z aims to build an e-library on Pharmaceutical Science. We want to help the students of pharmaceutical science to get a clear concept on every single topic providing study materials, lecture sheets, presentation slide and reference books.

Pharma2z aims to get prepared the students of pharmaceutical science for their future carrier and higher education. We provide study materials, tips and suggestions to the job seekers and higher study aspirants from the expert on different job sectors in different pharmaceutical companies and Universities.

Join us to enhance your knowledge and build a solid base for your carrier and higher education.

Pharma2z aims to bring quality medication at your door. Pharma2z has a world-class e-pharmacy service. A pharmacy for all your needs. Just order the medicines you need, we will deliver your ordered medication in your hands, wherever you are (at work, at home, in the hospital). We’ve got your medicine covered.

Exactly what you need. Exactly where you are.