Another Cover Letter Format


                                                                        Your Name_________

                                                                         Contact No.: _________





Head of HR

Company Name__________

Adress: _______________

 Subject:  Application for the Position ________ in ________Department

Dear Sir,

I__________. I have completed my __________ from University______. My academic records are noted in my CV. To my best knowledge, I know that your industry needs young and dynamic people. You will note from my enclosed CV that my educational background is good enough for _______ department in your industry.

I believe working in a reputed industry like your one will provide me an excellent opportunity for my career growth. I am confident that if provided the opportunity to serve your industry, I will prove myself to be an important asset for your company through my dedication, sincerity and highest level of professionalism.

For any query, you can reach me at my mobile _________. You can also e-mail me at ________.



 Your Name


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