Recommended Resources for GRE

Recommended Resources for GRE

A vital step in your GRE preparation process is to pick up the right study material. There are plenty of books, services and free online materials available on the internet but very few of them provide the content that can help you crack the GRE. Here are some excellent resources that can help you prepare well for GRE and get you a praiseworthy score in GRE.

Official ETS Materials

  • The Official Guide to the GRE General Test
  • Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions
  • Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions 
  • ETS Math Review Guide (Click Here for Explanation)
  • The GRE Big Book

Supplemental Resources

  • Manhattan 5-lb Book (DON’T do verbal in this book, Only Quant)
  • GMAT Quantitative Review
  • GMAT Official Guide

For Vocabulary Learning

  • Greg Mat’s Current List (now 840 words)
  • PDF of Greg Mat’s Words Groups 1-27
  • GRE Vocab – Movie/TV Project (Learn GRE words from movies)
  • Greg Mat’s Current List in Quizlet Sets
  • Greg Mat’s Old List (700 Words)
  • Vince’s Complete Guide to Learning GRE Vocabulary
  • Magoosh Basic and Common (App)
  • PrepScholar 357
  • PowerScore Repeat Offenders
  • GreenlightTestPrep 500 Words Basic

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