Top ten (10) Nutrition Facts

Today we will discuss the nutrition that should consider as a serious fact. Hope everyone will agree with us. Note: These nutrition facts that we pharma2z believe, may vary to others.

1. Omega – 3 Fats:
Omega-3 fats are very important human body nutrition element, and it is really crucial, but most people do not get it enough. A huge number of the world population is not getting sufficient omega-3 fats from their diet. Therefore they are avoiding a deficiency in these essential fatty acids could have been a great solution to many diseases.

2. Vitamin D Deficiency:
We all know that water-soluble vitamins eliminate from the body while fat-soluble are remain. An among all the vitamins Vitamin-D is very important for our healthy body. Sometimes it is called a crucial hormone of our body. To be an honest huge number of people are deficient in it. Reversing a deficiency of this vital vitamin could have powerful health benefits.

3. Refined Carbohydrates:
We believe and hope you will also agree with us that refined carbohydrates are really bad for our health. Refined carbohydrate like processed grains that are unhealthy. They are sort of nutrition and intake them may lead to rapid spikes in blood sugar and in insulin. And finally, it can cause all sorts of problems down to the line.

4. Vegetables:
Eating vegetables will definitely improve our health. Vegetables are rich in all sorts of nutrition that our body needs. Eating vegetables each day is a good thing that we all can do to improve our health and it will lower the risk of many diseases.

5. Perfect Diet:
There is no perfect diet for everyone. The food or diet that is best for you works for you. And you can stick to that for the long term.

6. Supplements:
Supplements, yes we all are familiar with this word. But do we all know that these supplements can never be a full replacement for our real foods? Sometimes we forgot. So it is much more important to take real foods that are rich in nutrition.

7. Sugar:
Adding sugar in your meal is a disaster. Added sugar provides zero calories and is believed the leading cause of many diseases that will kill millions of people each year around the world. Therefore, sugar is being called “White Poison”.

8. Artificial Trans Fats:
Artificial trans fats are very very unhealthy for the human body. Trans fats are made from chemically synthesized oil. And they are lined in all sorts of chronic diseases. You should avoid them like COVID-19.

9. Life Style:
Always remember, diet does not work if you do not change your lifestyle. So it is necessary to change your lifestyle if you want to be happy in terms of health. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the only way to ensure long term weight loss and a lifetime of improved health.

10. Unprocessed Food:
Do you know which foods are the healthiest food? We believe unprocessed foods are the healthiest food in this world. So always try to take the real foods. If it looks like the food is made from a factory try to avoid them and get the organic one.



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